Freelance React Native & React JS Developer

I am a Dubai based Front-end developer with 9+ years of experience. I work with companies around the world building amazing Android and iOS Apps using React Native & Single Page Applications using React JS.

My Stack

These are the technologies I know.


I have extensive experience with Javascript. I work with Vanilla ES6 Javascript, React JS, React Native frameworks and Node JS in the Backend.

Node JS

Working knowledge of Node JS and it's asynchronous architecture. Able to make Simple CRUDs and APIs using Node in the backend.

React Native

I have built native mobile apps for iOS and Android using React Native framework and Redux for state management. I know how to use Xcode and Android Studio and have experience with various libraries such as Facebook SDK for React Native, One Signal and working knowledge of REST APIs.

React JS

I code Single page applications using React JS utilizing Redux for state management.

Featured Work

This is one of my favorite projects, for more get in touch.

Dubai Deals Screenshot

Dubai Deals

React Native based iOS app for bars, night clubs in Dubai with features like Happening now, Nearby, coupons, booking, reviews etc

Stack: React Native, React JS, Redux, ES6 Javascript

Libraries/APIs: WordPress Rest API, One Signal Push Notifications, Facebook SDK

Download App: Visit iOS App Store

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